Happy happy but still sick :P

I'm really happy because we've (me and Efa ) just bought  our two small girls ( Dreaming Mari ), twins sisters Deve and Sila (you ca...

I'm really happy because we've (me and Efa) just bought 
our two small girls (Dreaming Mari), twins sisters
Deve and Sila
(you can read more about them here)
We took them with extra hands parts and with small bust :>
Mari's such a lovely girl, I just can't wait to have our girls in hands :3
GoD I'm soooo broke now XD

Photo from Pipos site

Between the nose and sore throat, I managed to design Shiki's new tattoo for back.
This is still a sketch, the first one, but I think about something like that.
Tattoo will be b&w, Hanya demon, with Japanese sakura branches, with waves and wind.

I chose Japanese cherry instead of common cherry for this project, 
because the petals of this first one
are much more interesting and expressive :3

Common cherry (Cerasus vulgaris
photo form Wikipedia

Japanese cherry (Cerasus serrulata)
photo form Wikipedia

Aaaaannd.... I would like to invite all of you to see my everyday photos, from 365 Days Project.
Rules of this project are really simple, I bet most of you heard about it already. 
You need to make one photo a day, and post it on the web :) 
I start this project, with start of this Bunny Year :P
Today is 46 Day and I put hazel photo :) 

Please feel free to visit My site to see previous photos and of course next one too :)

Well I think that all of news right now, I'm still sick, so I'm going to lay down a little :P
I Wish you all health :D

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  1. oooo...! Czekam na twoją Mari, to również moje marzenie lalkowe :P

    365 Days Project powiadasz, hmm... Może też się pobawię - w sumie i tak codziennie robię jakieś zdjęcie, więc to nie powinien być problem.
    Btw, bardzo piękne wiosenne zdjęcie, lubię sposób w jaki operujesz głębią ostrości :)

  2. I like this sketch more than the old one.
    And...honey...I'm sooooo broke too :)But very happy we did it!
    You got little bit of spring...and I...still winter:)

  3. koroa - JA też czekam :> Juz ma status before shipping XD Ale może mieć taki anwet przez miesiąc lol :D Te zdjęcia codziennie to niezłe wyzwanie :P Ale cieszę się, że Ci się podobają moje fotki :)

    Efa - which old one?? YeY I'm happy happy...and still sick XD


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