I'm in pain...

...nothing special, just every month sickness :P  I suppose to work really hard on commissions, but I just feel sick. But I was able to pre...

...nothing special, just every month sickness :P 

I suppose to work really hard on commissions, but I just feel sick.
But I was able to prepare sketch for tattoo, for next commission.
I was so happy, that will be something else than a next dragon, 
but this kirin "animal" have scales XD so, it's almost the same hihihihi

Also I made small sketch of my next doll, Deva Sila's twin sister.

I guess Deva will have fur wig in really light, brown color, something like sand
and eyes pinkish-purple with pulip in dark pinkish color. Her make up will be
really light, like ghost or someone that have some medical problems, she will looks
like someone from the other world :> That's my idea for her :>

But I really don't know, when I will be able to buy this lovely doll
for Deva. I choose for that task Dreaming Mari form Pipos
but I still need to have money and my husband approval :P
We will see, how this issue ends :D

I've just finished sketch of Sila, Deva's twin sister :>
Sila's belongs to Efa
For this character also Dreaming Mari form Pipos has been choosen
Sile will have golden eyes with brown pulip,
her make up will be more lively and she will get black fur wig :)
About her personality, she will be a girl full of energy,
smiling almost all the time :D   

Both girls are similar in appearance to their parents :)
Soon I'll try to draw whole family together,
then you will see on your own :D

  Hihihih I guess that's all for today :P

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  1. Kirin....it's almost dragon...again:) It'll be in colors?
    And Deva...mmmmm gush I love this girl, sweet, kind, funny and with potential. I just can't wait when we will get them in our hands!!! Really... they're gonna be great to create and play with :) Two sisters...not like others...:)
    Good luck with your husband!(Best wishes for him:) )I'll go and make a biiiiig smile to my husband too..before I tell him what I want :P

  2. Perfect!
    I'm in love. Now I know what i'll be doing hole evening....looking at those pictures:)

  3. hahahah thanks darling, to say the true I was little afraid that I drawn Sila not in the way that she looks, but I'm really glad that's ok :)

    About the doll, maybe I will be able to buy my as a birthday present... omg only month and couple of days left :P Need to earn some money hihihihi :P

    And yes tattoo will have some colors :)


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