For those who don't have Spring yet ^^

Yesterday I pop up with an idea. Because I know, that a lot of you like Spring, but don't have it yet  and still have a lot of snow, and...

Yesterday I pop up with an idea.
Because I know, that a lot of you like Spring,
but don't have it yet 
and still have a lot of snow,
and bad weather... I took today my camera and 
4x zoom lens....
and I want to do some special photos 
for all of you guys ^^

Yesterday I was on a walk with my neighbor and her daughter,
and I saw a beautiful, wild and pink cherry tree, that had some blossoms already :>  
Anyway a lot of trees have blossoms now, but this one is so cute,
that I just had to make today this 2km, to get there and made some photos XD

I love pictures of flowering trees :>
I put here some, but more you can find on my site

I've hope that you feel a little, this Spring time
from this photos :)

Was hard because Odette, all the time disturbed me
with a small wind and all the time branches are nodded.
Also wind brings some clouds from time to time,
hahahaha....this Ode-chan :>

Whatsoever today came a B'Day card for my form my parents 
(little too fast :P),
with a small present *^^*

When I saw was like.....bah...and I'm gone XD
They sent me such a lovely bracelet, 
with small lovely zori and openwork egg made from silver =D
(silver and white gold is the best XD)
I'm in love with it! 
Also bracelet has small silver beads on the end of the strings.
It's so simple but beautiful, 
my parents always knows what gifts make my day :>
THANK YOU :* :* :*

And that how it's looks *^^*
This orange color is so bright and happy =D
Anyway to the next post :>

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  1. Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed those photos you took. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Thank you for walking the 2km to get the pics!

  2. Ooh thanks for pictures!*_*
    Sorry for Odette, she was little distracted today (because of some green eyed man:P), but I see you've done well:)
    Bracelet is lovely!XD I also like silver and white gold... and simple things:)Very nice present:)

  3. Thanks for the cherry blossom photos - here still a bit of snow here and there:)
    Beautiful bracelet! Happy birthday Hane! May all your dreams come true:)

  4. Missantrhopics - Thank You :) But I have my B'Day on 15th :P hahahha And about the photos, no problem :) Always at your service :D

    Efa - No problem Darling :* Hahahaha, yeah right, don't blame him XD And I know you like silver and white gold :>

    The Old Maid - Thank you and no problem :) I have BD on 15th of March, so some time left :D

  5. Oh, jakie piękne. U mniezimno i pada, zazdroszczę więc okrrrropnie kwiatów i wiosny.


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