Sometimes I hate....

.....people in Dollfie hobby (other owners)!!!!! I'm disappointed , depressed , bitter and angry!!!! Once again, another person m...

.....people in Dollfie hobby (other owners)!!!!!

I'm disappointed, depressed, bitter and angry!!!!

Once again, another person mock me that will buy my Orchid head
that I have for sale.....this person, wrote me in the first PM, 
that she have money for her and can pay immediately all price...
So I event didn't put her on a Hold, because she told me she will buy her right-away...
And what....of course big NO, because...well no particular reason....
Fuck it!!!!!

I really hate it....and I really don't have luck with it :/
Anyway, I started playing WoW again.
This time I have Pally Cow (Tauren) XD haahha
I have really a lot of fun :)
I'm playing with mu husband and our friend :)

That's my cow XD

And that's all for now....

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  1. That really sucks! I thought that people are serious about such things but it shows that not everybody:/ Ledsen tjejen.
    hope playing will make you feel at least bit better.
    Puss puss

  2. SPACE COW! Sorry to hear about your bad sales experience. That's always such a downer. Looks like WoW is cheering you up though! I miss that game. I have a tauren a druid that I never play anymore but taurens are love!


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