You're my inspiration :>

Well some of you people my already know,  that I'm a big fan (no. 0 :3) of my friend Koroa 's photos =3 +Darling your photos ...

Well some of you people my already know, 
that I'm a big fan (no. 0 :3) of my friend Koroa's photos =3

+Darling your photos are sometimes (more than less of course) 
a big inspiration for me!!! Thank you for shooting them and
publishing!!! One day I would like to get an photo-book with your photos ^^+

They (photos) inspired me again. Today I was going through Koroa's
photos one more time and again one photo of Sage caught my mind really tight :P
(I love her in that wig :>)

So it ended up with an illustration :)
Koroa is for you with special dedication :*

13x20cm, St. Petersburg watercolors and Conte colored pencils + Winsor&Newton waterproof ink on Watercolor Daler Rowney 300g/m2 paper:)

Of course my scanner killed all colors :<
And yeah I suppose to make today an painting for school project...wellll XD

Anyway, I've hope you all like this one :)
and yeah, I'm an Autumn's freak XD

Oh, oh and by the way, you can still buy an OOAK work of mine :)
Click -->HERE<-- for photos and more info :)

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  1. :) Yeah! She's an inspiration for me too. Lovely work, I really like it! colors(which your scanner killed ;P) and eyes and NOSE:) Cute.
    And you're not the only Autumn freak here :P

  2. Efa - She looks more like Chibi Unoa XD hihihih YeY but I'm happy that you like it :)

  3. :o

    idę się czerwienić w kącie.
    Rysunek jest piękny, jak wszystkie twoje dzieła, i nie wiem co mam powiedzieć, strasznie mi miło i oh, >blush< :D

  4. Niezmiernie sie więc cieszę, że Ci sie podoba, a sama dobrze wiesz, że nie raz ci juz mówiłam jak bardzo uwielbiam Twoje zdjęcia :) Moc uścisków masz ode mnie za nie *^^*


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