People can be horrible!

Yesterday I got an email form Xhanthi , that someone copied my work. There is a person on DoA forum with a nickname  Sakura-Streifchen . ...

Yesterday I got an email form Xhanthi, that someone copied my work.
There is a person on DoA forum with a nickname Sakura-Streifchen.
She put on DoA (here) a thread with her first/second tattoo - she copied my work!
Now she is writing there that she didn't want to copy it, just to try it.
But come on! Where are the credits and stuff??
No where!!!!
That my work done on Feb 2011 as a special project for my customer

And that's "her" tattoo:

She wrote only this in a thread: "thanks for watching"

SERIOUSLY?!?! WTF with people???

Oh and btw. I report all of this to "great" DoA moderators
and they did nothing about it!
So you can be suspended on forum for a really small thing
but you can copy other people works without credits or just steal them
and everything is ok!
Thanks DoA lol

We can say that subject is closed - she removed the thread -
well changed it to "/// - nothing's there"
So yeah, nothing is there :P

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  1. Bez pojęcia!!!*_* po prostu brak mi komentarza na zachowanie modów... :/

  2. No masakra, po prostu bez komentarza z tymi modami :/

  3. eh, szkoda słów na niektórych ludzi. Ale skoro usunęła temat, to o tyle dobrze, są tacy co będą szli w zaparte że to przecież ICH pomysł ;)

  4. Ah no tak oczywiście, rękę dadzą sobie odciąć, że ich praca :P No ale tak usuneła i ponoć tez dostała zrybki od innych urzytkowników forum niemieckiego, że to nie jej praca i że skopiowała.

  5. Dobrze, że chociaż usunęła temat. Zresztą gdzie jej kopii do Twojego oryginału?:)


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