....face and hands for Momi :) I did her makeup yesterday late evening :) I changed her lips and eyes a bit and add freckles :) I eve...

....face and hands for Momi :)
I did her makeup yesterday late evening :)
I changed her lips and eyes a bit and add freckles :)
I even made her teeth :) Now she looks like my doll :D
And today I pop up with the idea of changing
her hands. I used extra Pudi's hands from Pipos :)
She looks lovely now, hands fits her perfectly
and finally I don't have to look at those horrible
shovel-like Volks basic one :P
For info those Pipos hands were never used
and was lying in box for a year 
( I got Pudi last year on 16th of April )

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  1. Ślicznie się prezentuje, usteczka są cudne, piękny kolorek. Wig dodaje jej charakterku i słodyczy..

    1. Dzieki serce :) No jak dla mnie to Momi dopiero teraz nabrała wyrazu i jednyej sobie słodyczy :)

  2. OMG, Momi is the cutest girl ever!!! thanks Momi i want one little f01 so bad!!, she is simply amazing!, and your stile could not be more lovely, you just simply know how to get her to look the best!! *__________*

    1. Aaawwwww thanks Darling!!! That's the best complement for me *^____^*
      Little f01 is so lovely and imo the best I always dreamed about having one :)
      Thank you once again :) If you buy one for you, she can be Momi's sis :)

    2. OHHHHHH i would love that!!! Momis sister!!! this is so cute >//////<, maybe i will be buying one very soon, the same way i got Kun and Tsugumi ;), i will definitely let you know!! *O* <3<3<3

    3. Please do! Oh that will be great and if you will need makeup for her, no problem I can do it for free for you Hon :)

    4. OMG, would you?....i do not know what to say....*________*, you are so sweet and adorable!!! T____T, thank you so much!...T__T, i cry a little bit!! than you my dear!!! i am trying to get one, i think this time will get her!!! >////<, i will let you now as soon as possible!! you are so sweet and lovely!!! <3<3<3

    5. Of course Darling :) No problem :) I will do whatever you want for her :) Fingers crossed for you getting her asap :D

  3. Aaaawn <3<3 Bright just showed me this little cute girl and I'm falling in love <3

    Did you make her faceup o3o? It's one of the best I've ever seen *___*

    1. hehehehe, welcome then on my blog :)
      Hope you will find more interesting dolls and things here :)
      I'm really happy that you like Momi that much :D

      She came to me with a makeup already, but I made small changes on her eyes and change completely her lips + I added some freckles :) So the make up is not in 100% my work :) But all my other dolls have makeup done by me in 100% :)


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