I should...

...write here something constructive long time ago, but guess what? I just didn't had time for that. I was working all day long, al...

...write here something constructive long time ago,
but guess what? I just didn't had time for that.
I was working all day long, almost every day -
well maybe without Sundays, but this day was 
and is special day for me and my husband.

As you ma know, I'm working from Tue to Sat,
on Sun I'm spending my time with Lukasz and on Mon
I'm preparing projects for my clients.

You maybe asking yourself (or not) why I wrote "I was",
well...no worries, I didn't lost my job or anything...
I'm just sic :P Somehow I caught Stomach Flu...
probably Lukasz brought it from work and he didn't get sick
(luck guy :D), because of of his colleague has it recently. 

What can I say, I hate to being sick and especially I hate 
stomach flu.

Besides that, I'm still waiting for my new doll Naoto
(Volks KoTenshi Tsubaki) to arrive.
Still his path is unknown to me. He left USA
on 17th July and still track no. doesn't shows that he is on
this land full of lazy ppl.
I asked customer support, they said 
they don't have package with that no.
Believe me or not, this doll should have been here 
since Friday the 20. Thanks to Casey 
(from who I bought Nao), I know (she contacted USPS)
that the package is already on the Emerald Isle, 
but they still haven't scanned it, 
thats why track no. doesn't work for me :/
Still it didn't shows anything - 
- package after leaving Miami doesn't exist!

Well I can say with a hand on my heart, I'm really
worried about this doll, hopefully he will be here next week
without any more delays. 
This is not the way for post office to treat their customers.
God Damn, we are paying for it!!!
Not for shipping only but also for our product!
And all of us know it perfectly - that it's not a small amount of money!
Part of the photo done by Casey :)
(special for me)

And beside allll of that, I just can't wait to start playing
After the last Beta Weekend, 
I'm 100% sure that my character will be Female Charr
and of course Mesmer :D
I found this Profession - first and the best choice for me :)
I made even an screenshot of my char,
but now I can't find it anywhere on my hub's comp :<
Well, I'll try on the next Beta Weekend or when game appears :P
But believe me, she was really amazing :)

I probably, didn't show you my GW2
It's called "The Art of Guild Wars 2" and you 
still can buy yourself a copy -->HERE<--
It's full of amazing pictures of creatures, races, surroundings,
concept arts and etc.
I full recommend it to everyone who not only like GW,
but appreciate great art and astonishing ideas!

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