...Shiki have his new body (my grail :)) and it's almost perfect for him! I just need to take out some resin from his  lower head...

...Shiki have his new body (my grail :))
and it's almost perfect for him!
I just need to take out some resin from his 
lower head hole, to fits better to the body's neck
(I don't want to mod the body at all).
Thanks to the almost perfect "relationship" body<-->head 
I have a lot of creative energy :)
I've done a simple mockup for his new face.
Still there will be a little bit more of warm colours 
(I want to achieve on him more realistic look
- and on the body too :)).
Also I will spend more time on his scars
and soon he will get his new wig!
Which I think will be perfect :D
(we will see anyway)
Definitely he won't get any gloss :D
He needs a worn out - tired look and...
...he needs to be a little older hahahah XD
Still there is so much to do :D
I don't even mention his tattoos :P
But I'm happy!!! 
I feel like I'm on a good track with him right now :)

Also small changes with the photos.
Because of recent "photo thieves" 
I have to add more watermarks. 
Sorry if that disturb watching, but I have to.

Great Easter for all of you :**

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  1. Wesołych świąt!
    Ja tam i w tym wigu go lubię^^ Fajnie, że wreszcie już się skompletował w miarę. powodzenia w "ozdabianiu" XD <3

    1. Dzieki Kochana :) Wig nie bedzie sie wiele roznil, tez bedzie fur, zalezy mi na zmianie dluzszych partii wiga na fur, bo jak widze te sztuczne "zylki" to mnie trafia XD Poza tym ukladac sie to nie chce tak jak ja sobie tego zycze :D

  2. Noooo nareszcie!!!! Gratulacje dal Was obojga.:)
    Przykro mi czytać o złodziejach.:( Ale w oglądaniu to nic nie przeszkadza.:)
    Wesołych Świąt!

    1. Dziekujemy oboje :D heheh. Niom zlodzieje, zlodziejami :P Ciesze sie, ze wodne znaczki nie przeszkadzaja w ogladaniu :) Wesolego :)

  3. Looks more than promising :)

    Happy Easter to You too!

    1. Ohhh naprawde? To sie bardzo ciesze :)

      Wesolego :)

  4. wow, my dear Hane, he looks simply amazing!, he looks alive! you are truly an artist!! his face up could not be more expressive and well done, congratulation for the body too!!, even if you have to make a small change to the neck, i feel happy for you!!! <3<3<3. Do not worry about marks on photos, it still can be seen well^^. *3*

    1. Thank you Darling :*
      I just started working on his faceup :) I moded his head-hole and now he fits very well on the body :)
      Just keep finger crossed for my msc can - is almost empty! XD
      I will put the results here, when I finish :)

  5. Jaki on przystojny ♥ Szkoda, że nie jest żywy ;-)

    1. hihihi, niom czasem sie zastanawiam, czy wlasnie nie lepiej, ze jest nie zywy hahaha ^_~


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