Yumi and Yua

Some funny sketches of our (mine and Efa 's) new project (that already gave me a lot of ideas) :)  Two twin sisters (same molds) Yu...

Some funny sketches of our (mine and Efa's)
new project (that already gave me a lot of ideas) :) 
Two twin sisters (same molds) Yumi and Yua - first try :) 
Yumi will have pink hair with two pony tails 
and ribbons. She will also have green and occasionally grey eyes :)
After some discussions I sketches another
picture of Yua :) She will have turquoise long hair
and probably gold eyes :)
And here is another funny pic of Yumi :)
That's really something new, first time I will try
working with manga style doll - I've dreamt about it 
from a looooong time now - even before my resin Dollfie hobby :) 
They will have "Anime eyes" and I will paint their mouth :)
We are using Obitsu Hime-Ane heads on Parabox 47cm body :)
I always wanted to try a "manga style doll"
with that kind of body :) I like the possibilities they give you
because of skeleton inside (not rubber) and vinyl bodies,
that won't change the colour as fast as resin does :)  

New experience - here we go!

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  1. Na bank złote, okazjonalnie może jeszcze jakieś inne, ze mną to ciężko, ja się zmieniam non stop z takimi rzeczami. Też się cieszę, wiem (po mojej Azone), że da mi dużo radości. Mam nadzieję, że tobie też.
    Śliczne rysunki, uwielbiam je.

  2. Ale super! No to się Kobitki pospieszcie z zakupem i malowaniem bo my też chcemy zobaczyć!:)
    Rysunki fantastyczne!


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