Tasty life in waiting time :D

Meeting eye to eye with my daughter is getting closer and closer :D She is still full of energy and I feel her every move... She moves ...

Meeting eye to eye with my daughter is getting closer and closer :D
She is still full of energy and I feel her every move...
She moves a lot...and kicks a lot, it's a lot of her everywhere XD
As my GP (Family Doctor) said "She's quite a child" :D

We received great gift from our beloved Inti recently.
An Omamori (from one of Tokyo's Temple) charm - Safe delivery :)
I keep it near at all times - attached to the belt loops of trousers :)
Recently my ordered Kinfolk magazine (Volume 8) arrived.
It's fully dedicated to Japan :). A great magazine with
interesting articles and photos, it's more like a book in my opinion :)
Here is a note of what to expect from this volume :)
And some photos :)

Finally after 2 years of promising myself I bought a small, japanese hot pot :D
I was looking at it in the Chinese shop, where I do shopping from time to time :)
It's so lovely, made in Japan, ceramic pot with Ume plum design on top :)
I tried it out yesterday, while making some Sukiyaki with pork 
(can't stand beef now :P) :D
That's all the ingredients I used:
* pork loins cut in stripes
* some carrots
* champignon
* leeke
* pak choi
* silken tofu
* somen noodles
* warishita 
(1/3 cup of water and 1 tbsp of each soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar)
I got from it really nice portion for one person :D
It was sooo delicious :D I even took a short movie,
while it was simmering :D
The aroma was incredible! Simple and tasty dish :)
Try it out for yourself :)

Now I have to eat something :P
So I'm going to the kitchen :D

Have a nice weekend everyone :)

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  1. Piękne zdjęcia! Gratuluję prezentów i garnuszka no i oczywiście smacznego życze:) <3

  2. What a lovely news!, I enjoy always so much reading from you!!, and of course I can not wait to see your little cutie pie daughter with you, well I mean outside from you hahaha, she is always with you <3<3<3, I love all the things from Japanese style, and the pot is so beautiful!! *__*, I will try myself^^.
    PD: it is very interesting that you can not stand beef right now, this is because pregnancy right? O_o

    1. Thank you Darling :) I also can't wait to meet her (my daughter :)) face to face :) She jabs so much with her legs, knees and small hands :D She is full of energy and very strong, hahah :D And I would like to sleep on my belly again, I miss that very much hahaha :D
      I love Japan cuisine, culture...and Japan over all :D Try this recipe for yourself, it's really tasty :)
      Beef...yes, it's because of pregnancy, I just can't stand it XD The smell, taste...bleah XD It should change later one, but for now, big no no from me :P


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