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I’ve received a question about Shiki’s tatts  and now coz they are finished I can answer it :) Yes, his tattoos have meanings and tel...

I’ve received a question about Shiki’s tatts 
and now coz they are finished I can answer it :)

Yes, his tattoos have meanings and tell a lot about Shiki.
First of all I should mention, he leads two lives. 
One as Yakuza’s assassin and second as an history of art professor 
with specialisation in wood carvings/ sculpting 
used in religion, rituals and folklore 
and he is highly valued director of Miho Museum. 
He organises exhibitions in many other Museums around the world, 
especially in Europe. 
He loves to collect Noh masks (big fan of Noh theatre) 
and as you can tell, he likes tattoos :D 

His finished tattoo design is: 
- 3/4 sleeves, 
- front isn’t full chest piece (you can unbutton your shirt :)), 
leaving centre untouched, 
- full back without neck(safe for shirts) 
- and tights - he can wear short trousers, 
without showing any ink - all safe for second work hahahaha :) 

Starting from full back piece:
1. Hannya - female demon, representing jealous. 
As a mask, used in Noh theater.
2. Koomote mask - symbolises young woman full of cuteness 
and beauty - delicacy - totally opposite to Hannya.

Both together on the piece show an image that you shouldn’t trust 
lovely face or a cute smile, because underneath there may be a horrible person
 - simple, don’t judge by the cover.

3. Omikuji - you can find them in many shinto shrines, 
they are hanged on special places - both good or bad. 
You place them there for the gods to protect you from the evil 
(if prediction said so) or bless you with good fortune :) 
They are leading to an Inari on his left thigh.

Front view, on the chest. We can see two shisa dogs (Japanese name), 
other know as lions similar to foo dogs from China.

4. on the right side, shisa with closed mouth 
- she (female) keeps all good things inside it, 
good fortune and happiness of your household

5. on the left side, close to heart, open mouth shisa 
- he (male) protects your household, scaring away all the evil.

Arms represents two demons/gods, symbolising power, 
destruction and suddenness. 
Shiki is both handed - so he can use both hands in equal precision 
- writing or killing, it doesn’t matter which one he will use, job will be done :P  

6. Fujin - demon of wind. You can see his sack full of air, wrapped around him. 
7. Raijin - demon of thunder, surrounded by his drums with tomoe signs on them 
and powerful tools creating lightnings in hands.

Tights finish the design and close it all with more meanings.

8. Daruma - this doll is used at the start of new year. 
You are wishing something that you want to accomplish in a new year, 
and while thinking about it you are drawing one eye to blind daruma. 
If you succeed you’re drawing second eye at the end of the year 
and then you burn the daruma in the sacred fire 
during a special ceremony held by a priest. 
This way you’re thanking the gods for the help in accomplishing your wish. 
If you don’t success you still burn them, but without drawing an eye 
- now daruma can be reborn again and you have another chance. 
This daruma is all wrecked, damaged and looks almost like a skull. 
It has one eye, but the second one will never be there, 
it will never be burnt either, so there is no more chances for this wish to come true 
- he gave up on it - won’t tell, what was his wish :P

9. Inari symbol - fox statue - you can read about Inari goddess elsewhere 
I’ll just write an important sentence about Inari goddess. 
Believers say, Inari prises good people, with eternal happiness, 
but she is extremely cruel to those who are evil - she will judge you in the end.

All the design is linked by maple, autumn leaves 
which symbolise vanishing life. 
He know’s he won’t have a long, happy life, 
he is prepared to die anytime. 

I think, that’s basically all 
- well… you have at least a little shortcut 
about what all the symbols mean :D

Thanks for reading, 
if you have any other question, feel free to ask :)

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  1. A to coś nowego: profesor sztuki??? Ehm chyba tego w Twojej rysowanej historii nie było. ;)
    Podziwiam malowanie tego wszystkiego w tak małej skali!

    1. hahahah, bylo bylo i to nie raz :D za kazdym razem jak jest na obrazku z Ode, badz w garniturze i okularach :D hahahaha Pan profesor - ot to byl taki nasz sekret, o ktorym wiedziala tylko Ewa i moj maz XD Az do teraz hahahah XD
      Dzieki za pochwale :)

  2. This is so beautiful! Amazing work as always! ♥


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