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She arrived yesterday and I must say, she's such a darling :) When I saw Kinoko Juice (resin version) for the first time,  I alread...

She arrived yesterday and I must say, she's such a darling :)
When I saw Kinoko Juice (resin version) for the first time, 
I already knew that's a doll for me... but they are so unique 
(not many of them were created and they won't ship outside of Japan) 
and super expensive on the second hand market.
I just gave up instantly - but when I saw that Kinoko Juice started
working with Azone to make Kinoko in vinyl and available worldwide
with a significant drop in price...I just had to grab one.
I was just patiently waiting for a good opportunity :D 
lovely, yellow photos from yesterday, late evening :P
Finally there she is - so cute - and unexpectedly heavy 
for a vinyl doll of that size (she's 23cm) :D
(Btw I guess I prefer vinyl dolls that resin - 
I can keep them on my desk all the time, without 
worrying about yellowing :P)
She has nice makeup - I will change it soon anyway -
but for start it's really nice :) No damages on blush
or anything :) Her eyes look good, especially with side light.
I took off her wig and I was super glad when I was able to put on her
a Licht wig (7-8 size) that I bought soooome time ago :)
It fits very well, because Licht does very stretchy caps :)
I changed her clothes - they are cute, but I want to play with her a bit.
She's such a darling, she looks cute in everything XD

I like the way she keeps her pose, she's a bit limited with her legs though.
Sitting is a small problem...but it doesn't bother me to be honest.
She stands really well, but I keep her on a stand (with mushrooms :D).
It would be great if she had magnets in her feet :)
I'm planing to make eyes for her one day, 
but now I'm really limited with my free time...
so she has to wait a bit.

Anyway, if someone is thinking about getting one,
DO NOT hesitate anymore, they are worth the price...
even if you have to pay customs fees...just like me...
she's still worth it! 
At least my Hubby, doesn't have to think about a Christmas gift for me
- I already have it and it's so darn sweet :D

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  1. Gratuluję jeszcze raz. Pasuje Ci bardzo. Cieszę się, że się doczekałaś:}

    1. dziekuje kochana, mala jest naprawde super :)

  2. I really love that mold *_* I'd get one if not my other hobby (lolita), and fact that I don't touch my dolls too much anymore :/

    1. don't touch my dolls too much too right now and also have many other hobbies beside dolls, but believe me she is so cute and different, you will find some time for her, and she will looks lovely with your lolita style outfits :) Especially if she will get one for herself :D


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