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Sagami Akiko is my second 1/6 scale doll :) She is adorable and pretty (at lease to my taste ☺ ) I thought of an idea for this characte...

Sagami Akiko is my second 1/6 scale doll :)
She is adorable and pretty (at lease to my taste)
I thought of an idea for this character, while I was looking
for a nice, Asian, female head :D When I saw Kumik 0038 head
I knew that's the one and almost right away I had an idea for the char :D
Saito's friend Aki is "complete" but still not repainted,
just like Kinoshita, but she has already her hair color hahaha :D
She arived with her default black hair with a bang :)
Still, need to re-blush her face to match her body a bit better XD
Also, I have to paint her lips differently, eyelashes, and stick actual upper eyelashes :D
That's one of the photos I took when she still didn't have her body :D
I like the feel of it :)
Her body arrived today :)
I ordered Very Cool FX02 B Female body with Caucasian skin and medium breasts.
I prefer small breasts but there is no option like that. Only large or medium breasts are available.
To be honest, large breasts look nice on this body, more natural. They didn't
have it in the right color though, so I had to stick with the medium size.
It looks really fake...like squashed balloons XD
When I saw the body, I already knew that the color won't match the body.
The difference is hilarious XD
Not that visible when she's dressed up, but still it's massive.
I will have to blush her face a bit for a better match, but can't overdo it
cos I'm planning to get for her a silicone body with a steel skeleton
and no visible joints.
The body itself has a nice color, but when you put Aki's head
near it, the contrast makes the body look like it's dead XD
It has many "extra" options, like 3 pairs of hands, 3 pieces of hands with gloves,
high hill feet and some extend connectors and other parts for neck and head assembly.
I wanted to make Aki shorter, but it's impossible O_o
I thought I will be able to take out the extra part from her leg...but well
apparently, I can't do it :P so she is almost Saito's height XD
The body could be made in a better way I think. There are some small, extra plastic
parts here and there (especially hands) and some seem lines look like broken :<
For example here on her right arm.
But well, it was cheap so it's hard to demand a super, extra quality :P
Here you can see Aki's lovely (and dead-like) body :D
ahhh this color match :D hahahahah
Akiko's head is made of resin, she will change her color even more.
Saito's safe in this matter, his head is made from vinyl :D
But I will work hard, to fit it better :)

I bought a yukata for her as well (from the same seller as body) 
so she won't sit naked and I will be able to take some photos outside (maybe)
with a seasonal theme :D
I would like to get other colors and patterns of the yukata too 
(I have blue, brown, pink, red and black in mind), but right now
I'm not sure... :/
The pattern itself looks nice but the material is too thick for this size :/
It's so hard to arrange it properly.
I have to fix the obi's bow. Well, comparing other prices of clothes in this size,
the one I've got was cheap, so I shouldn't complain lol.
I used all my "powers" to put this yukata on Aki and I must admit she looks wonderful XD
The colors combine so lovely with her hair and she looks so pretty :D
I'm still waiting for her zori and tabi socks to match the outfit :D
She was posing with Saito a bit :) (damn Saito! I need to start working on you lol)
Now I need to repaint her so she can gain more originality and soul :)
But oh, isn't she a real beauty :D
This is how they look, standing on the shelf together...
well, Aki should be shorter XD
What will happen when she gets her high hills on? XD
Ah! Yes, some clothes for Saito arrived today :P
Still, need to do some work with some of them :P
For example the hakama pants and "obi" belt.....well...
they leave some space for improvement :P

(sorry for the phone photos XD)
✿❀❁Till the next time ✿❀❁

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