Long time has passed :D

Well, long time has passed since my last post. Many things have happened and also many changes have arisen. Most of them are a goo...

Well, long time has passed since my last post.
Many things have happened and also many changes have arisen.
Most of them are a good thing, other not necessary but still :) 

I'm officially starting my fun with 1/6 scale action figures.
They have all I was looking for! Realistic faces, perfect size for me,
great poseable bodies, they won't change their color super fast like resin dolls,
they are way affordable! Many possibilities to choose from and a lot of clothes, shoes and
other accessories to purchase, without spending crazy money, or looking for a perfect fit!

I already ordered two dolls, for my other characters :) 
Kinoshita Saito (he's already with me YEY!) and Sagami Akiko (she is on her way :D)

Here is Saito - still before all the changes, but soon he will be VERY custom like XD
He is now, on his default body, but I'm waiting for a ttm19 body for him 
and I'm planning to get new, silicone, seamless body with a steel skeleton
for him from Jodoll :D

I'm already super satisfied with him! Simply I can say, he is the third man I love :D
Just after my husband and Shiki hahahaha

Probably you may already feel, I'm planing to make Shiki in this form :)
You're right! I will!! It will cost (cos that's a custom head), but I will do it
and finally, he will be perfect, with all his realistic face <3

From the other side, I decided I'm kinda "leaving" BJD hobby.
I finally made a way into "new" possibility for me (I could do it like 6 years ago lol)
I like kawaii, cute, manga style dolls, so I'm keeping my Ayu (Obitsu vinyl MSD),
Salen - my first BJD doll ever (Narae by Bimong - French resin) and Lulu (plastic Azone Kikipop).
I'm waiting for Fuku, one of my last BJD purchase (a secret :P) and one thing.
Rest of my dolls will be up for sale (well, two of them already are - Volks YOSD Sara nad Mamu),
so probably my moded Guarvo from aGattidoll also will hit the market 
(but with new makeup and new tattoos of course, coz I'm selling the doll, not my character), 
with all his things (except his katana sword lol) wigs, eyes, extra hands, clothes and such :)

Finally, I was able to create eyes that I was trying to make :)
With lovely, detailed iris and deep pupil :)
Right now I have only 10mm and 14mm in this style, but I will start working on
12mm in a couple of days :)
But I won't be making many eyes from now on, soo shop update 
will be rather occasionally still, some of the new eyes are available on the Etsy,
so if you feel like it, go and grab them :)

That's all for now :P

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